Wearing a Boeri helmet is always prestigious , whaterver sport you do.

Prestigious and safe , because Boeri in the fifty years of specialized work in this sector , has known how to combine Elegance with Safety and Quality.

Back in 1950 franco Boeri , a well-known and highly skilled orthopedic surgeon in Milan , took upon himself the task of making a protective helmet for his younger brother Alessandro who was riding bicycle in young team racing coming up with cyclist's safety helmets , handmade in Milano .

The market demand soon encreased , the product was very good and valid and Boeri brothers wided their production to include safety helmets for Ski , Cycle , Motorcycle , car racing.

Boeri brothers were mainly concerned about safety combined with Quality and Elegance.

The first awards were not long to come : 4 times winners of Quality Prize , 2 Golden Hercules , several prizes for fashion leading finally to Cavalier of the Italian republic award for Alessandro , Franco and Carlo Boeri.

Work never stopped since 1950 with just one aim : improve to make a better product and better quality to satisfy the consumers.

Many more investments were made , the manufacturing facility of 8.000 sq mt.and many celebrities , top names in many disciplines such as ski , cycle , motorcycle and car racing used boeri products and all agree that Boeri products are tops for Safety and Quality 


 ... SINCE 1950 ...


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